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A Balanced Diet Minecraft: How to Eat & Stay Healthy

A balanced diet Minecraft: Foodstuffs

Is it possible to eat “healthy“ in Minecraft? If so, what would that diet look like? Find out more in this article about a balanced diet Minecraft!

We’ve already discussed how to have a picnic and produced a proper guide for you to enjoy your meal outdoors while having fun with your online buddies. But when it comes to eating healthy and diverse food, there are a few stricter, but still very fun, rules to follow.

Rule #1: Choose a diet

We can only tell how healthy our Minecraft diet is when we compare it to our real-world ways of eating. Since in the real world there are numerous generally healthy diets to follow, the same applies to our virtual Minecraft character. There are a bunch of options to choose from.

In the case that some food items are not mentioned in the diet, it would be best to just avoid them since some foods (such as a golden apple) are found only in Minecraft. You can see all Minecraft edibles here.

Here are some of the healthiest science-supported diets according to healthline:

This diet limits the intake of carbohydrates (which is the reason why it’s called a low-carb diet). This means it restricts you from eating sugary foods, pasta, and bread, while it encourages to eat lots of meat, fruit and vegetables.

For us, in the Minecraft world, this translates to using a diet similar to this one:

Eat: fish (any type), meat (any type except rotten of course), fruits, eggs, pumpkins, and watermelons

Don’t eat: sugar (cakes and pies), wheat (bread and cookies), and starchy vegetables (potatoes, carrots, and beetroot!)

Keep in mind that this diet recommends vegetables, but not starchy vegetables — which are basically all vegetables that can be found in Minecraft (except pumpkins and melons). Carrots can also be eaten but should be avoided.

It is thought to be the healthiest diet in the world for most of the 20th century. It recommends regional foods commonly eaten around the Mediterranean Sea. This includes a bunch of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and most importantly: fish

Fish is the basis of this diet and should be the main source of food.

Eat: fish (all types), vegetables (carrots and potatoes), fruits, berries, eggs, and milk

Limit (but not prohibited): sugar (cookies, cakes and pies), bread, meat

This is mostly considered a weight-loss diet but it is also very healthy in general. It concentrates on eating unprocessed foods so everything that does not involve a kitchen to prepare is highly recommended.

Eat: meat (all types), fish (all types), vegetables (all types), and fruits (all types)

Don’t eat: sugar (pies, cookies and cakes), grains (bread), stews (both mushroom and rabbit) and you should avoid milk.

We have all heard of this one. This diet is based exclusively on plant-based foods while it removes all animal products and meat from the diet.

Eat: fruit (all types), vegetables (all types), cookies, bread, and a mushroom stew

Don’t eat: meat, fish, eggs, milk, honey, cakes, rabbit stew

The last diet we’ll cover in this article is the gluten-free diet. It is essential to people who are intolerant to gluten which is found in wheat and many processed foods.

This diet is the strictest of all of the above because people intolerant to gluten can experience severe health problems if they consume the wrong type of food.

Eat: eggs, meat, fish, milk, fruits, and vegetables

Don’t eat (at any cost): wheat (bread, cookies, cakes and pies)

Other foods may not be harmful, but if they’re not recommended then it would be best just to avoid them.

Rule #2: Stick to the diet

Once you have chosen the diet it is vital that you stick to it. No diet will make you healthy if you follow it for a day or two. It is a process that should be followed for months if not throughout the entire playthrough of the game.

One of the biggest reasons why diets are hard in Minecraft is the logistical hurdles. You cannot just “buy” the type of foods you need to eat. You have to produce food, grow crops, tame animals, build farms, plant plantations, and possibly spend hours trying to find the specific type of food you are allowed to eat.

Hard, however, is not impossible. Here are some tips on how to get close with your diet and have a fun time following it instead of it being a drag throughout the game.

Organize your game

This is something you should do before you even start the game. You do not have to write down a 5-page long detailed list on what you should do, but it is recommended that you write some simple bullet points.

For example, before you start you should be aware of which food you are allowed to eat. This way you can immediately focus on getting the right source of food which you can easily expand later in the game.

The second thing you should plan is which food is going to be your main source of food. The best way you can plan this out is by actually starting the game and finding which food you are able to gather easily and efficiently.

A balanced diet Minecraft: Crafting

It is recommended that you find some highly nutritious food for your main source so you can venture out for longer periods of time while using just 1 slot of inventory as your food supply.

In case you already have a save and you want to continue it by eating healthy the first thing you should do is remove the food you are not allowed to eat. Otherwise, there is a high chance you will eat it when the emergency calls.

The best way to get rid of it is by selling your food to villagers, but if you can’t find any then you can simply drop it in lava or somewhere far so it could despawn.

A balanced diet Minecraft: Lava

You should also destroy/sell/repurpose your food supply of unhealthy food into something else (a healthy food supply or something entirely different for decorative, mining, and storage purposes for example).

In the case you like to fish but it is forbidden by your diet and your house is just next to a river, you can either put a glass floor above your river or simply decorate your surroundings so the river is no longer necessary (which certainly requires much more work but it will remove the temptation of trying to fish).

Also, throwing your fishing rod away is just one more type of precaution.

Prepare enough food

A balanced diet Minecraft: Growing Food

This is the biggest diet-killer of them all! You just came out of a fight, went to sleep, and in the morning there is not enough food in the house so you get out and get whatever you stumble upon and stop following your diet.

By the time this happens, it is already too late. You should always have enough food and as it is stated in the organizing section, you should throw the unhealthy food away to avoid any temptations.

The way you can prepare enough food is by making farms or plantations depending on your type of diet.

It is always better to have an extra chest of food than being in lack of it. Build a chest room and have a strictly organized chest or chests which are consisted only of the food you eat. It makes living healthy so much easier.

Some tips…

When making plantations keep in mind that 1 block of water can reach up to 3 blocks away to water your plants. This means that for 6 rows of plants you need only 1 row of water to reach all plants. Building your farm this way makes it so much more efficient.

Also, don’t forget to build a fence around your farm. A fence is important because it stops animals from walking over and destroying your crops which can easily happen otherwise, especially if you live next to a forest or in the plains.

See more about farming here.

A balanced diet Minecraft: Farm

For animals, you should always have a separate farm which is entirely dedicated to feeding them, because in the other case there is a high chance for you to mistakenly eat their food (such as carrots) which are quite likely to not be a part of your diet.

They should also be separated from each other with a fence so you can feed them and tend to them easily. Mixing separate animals together makes everything much more difficult to manage.

Find more help on how to breed and tame animals here.

That should be enough for you to start your journey to a healthier life!

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Either way, I hope you get to survive through your diet and live a long and healthy life inside of your Minecraft world. Good luck!

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