How To Change FOV In Minecraft [Step-By-Step Instructions]

Have you ever wondered, what is FOV? How to change FOV in Minecraft? And what’s the suitable FOV value for you?


If you have, then don’t worry because today in this article, I’m going to answer all these questions for you.

How to change FOV in Minecraft

What Is FOV in Minecraft?

FOV is a worth that controls the amount of the game world is noticeable on the screen. Also called Field of View.

In Minecraft, the FOV esteem speaks to the number of degrees of vertical vision the player gets without adjusting impacts, for example, running, flying or status impacts.

Note that other games’ FOV setting may speak to various points, implying that utilizing a similar FOV esteem across various games can yield various outcomes.

The table beneath shows how Minecraft’s FOV setting influences even field of view in various presentation angle proportions.

Minecraft FOV Value

How To Change FOV in Minecraft PC

Minecraft is played by nearly 126 million people in this world and is classified as bedrock and java.

Any method that work in java may not work in bedrock because their codes and layouts are different.

Minecraft PC basically means Minecraft Windows, Mac and other desktop versions of Minecraft. As they have different settings and layout, a player need to follow different steps to change FOV in different Minecraft Platforms.

Tip: Again, FOV value is important to decide, the more FOV you have, the more you can see on the screen but it is always recommend choosing your own personal FOV value according to the situations that is appropriate for you.

Steps to change FOV in Minecraft PC:

Minecraft PC Settings


Minecraft PC FOV Settings

  1. Open your Minecraft game and jump into the world of which you want to change the FOV.
  2. Switch in your “Game Menu” and then click on options button.
  3. On the top of the “Options Window” there will be a slider to choose FOV for your game.
  4. Move it with your cursor and select the FOV value that you want.
  5. And then click on “Done Button” located in the bottom of the window and you’re done.

After changing FOV settings, you will see a drastic change in your game. If you think the change is suitable for you then keep it else you can change it again by following the above steps. Minecraft is really a nice game but people also love the GTA 5 game. To download GTA 5 for a mobile visit.

How To Change FOV in Minecraft PE

FOV can also get changed in Minecraft Bedrock but the process is slightly different because most people use buttons or a touch screen to play bedrock not any keyboard or mouse.

So, if you have any bedrock device (Minecraft PE, Xbox, Etc) that has the capability to change FOV value than you can follow the below instructions.

Here’s how to change FOV in Minecraft PE:


Minecraft PE FOV Settings

  1. Open your Minecraft game and then your desired world.
  2. Visit settings of your Minecraft world, and then click on video settings.
  3. Now, under video settings, you’ll have a FOV slider in the bottom section.
  4. Adjust the value (Minimum: 30, Maximum: 110) and then come back your game to save the changes.
  5. And you’re done 🙂

What’s the best FOV for Minecraft?

I have been playing Minecraft for a year now and according to me the FOV value that works for most people is around 80/90 (also works fine for PVP). It’s more secure on the grounds that you’re bound to see mobs.

Low FOV value is not appropriate for most people because even a single block looks insanely big with Low FOV value but it is also not recommend having a broad vertical view because then it makes things confusing.

What is the best FOV for Minecraft PVP?

Now, when it comes to PVP which is also an important aspect of Minecraft. The best FOV value is around 80/90. In PVP matches 80/90 FOV value is the most suitable as it helps you see a more vast area and near entities.

What is normal Minecraft FOV?

The default FOV value in Minecraft is 70. It works perfect for single player games but you can change it anytime.

And with this last segment, the article is completed.

Hope you like the article, if you have any questions regarding this particular topic, feel free to ask in comments.

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