How To Trade With Villagers In Minecraft [Step-By-Step Instructions]

Do you want to know how to trade with villager’s in Minecraft ?
how to trade with villagers in Minecraft
If yes, then you are at a right place because today in this article I will let you the that how you can trade with villager’s and which is the best villager for increasing emeralds and which one for trading.
Trading with villager’s can really help you grow your inventory loot and number of emeralds that you have.
Specifically, we trade because we either want emeralds or resources.
Ok, let’s go straight into the topic
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What Is Trading In Minecraft

Trading is an interaction between the players and the villager’s.
It is the best way to earn Emeralds because you already know that the Emerald Ore are the rarest ore in Minecraft.
It can help you earn a lot of Emerald, Armors, Tools, Enchanted Book, Treasure Maps and so on.

How To Trade With Villagers In Minecraft

To trade with a villager, you need to find it. Villagers can be found in villages of Minecraft.
Sometimes, the Villages are near the spawn place and maybe if it’s not close to you then you need to find it.
In my opinion there are two ways that can help you find a village in Minecraft:

Village By Exploration

This method is a little time-consuming but still it’s a great way to find a village.
Minecraft village
Also, if you play on the 1.16 Update then the chances are more because after the update, the villages are huge and locate near to each other.
To find a village while doing exploration, you should focus on some points to increase the chances.
Here’re the tips to find a village in Minecraft:
Always find them in right biomes — plains, desert biomes, savanna, taiga, and snowy tundra. In Bedrock Edition, they also found in snowy taiga, snowy taiga hills biomes, sunflower plains, and taiga hills. — be sure to find them in the following biomes.
Always use horse to explore the world because it’s a time-consuming task and may take even an hour.
Always go in a straight path from your shelter. So, you don’t get confused about coming back to the shelter.

Village By Command

This method includes using a command to locate the village.

/locate village

People think that it is somewhere cheating that no one should do.
“I respect the thought” But from my view it’s just a way to make your gaming more easy and there is no such huge problem in using a command to locate something because you just get the Co-ordinate and nothing else.
To Use This Method, follow:
  1. Open your command/debug menu to type the code, confirm that the cheats are active
  2. Type the command ‘/locate village’
  3. Follow the Co-ordinate and reach the village and if you are confused then you can read this article for a quick Co-ordinate knowledge
Now if have reached a village and has found some Villagers then you can follow the following steps to trade with Minecraft villager’s.
Here’re the steps to trade:
Minecraft villager
Go near the Villager, and then to start the exchange:
  • Java Edition (PC/Mac), Windows 10, right snap on the Villager.
  • Pocket Edition (PE), you move your pointer over the Villager and press the Trade button.
  • PS3 and PS4, press the L2 button on the PS regulator.
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One, press the LT button on the Xbox regulator.
  • Wii U, press the ZL button on the game pad.
  • Nintendo Switch, press the ZL button on the regulator.
Note: You cannot trade in Minecraft Education Edition with the villager’s.
Minecraft trading 1
When you interact with the Villager then a trading window will be opened in front of you.
In the trading window, there will be different items that you can either trade by using the Emerald or the different resources.
Minecraft trading 2
As you can see here that in the trading window, there are different items to buy, if you want to buy any of the item then you need Emerald for that.
To buy a thing or to trade for the Emerald, you have to place that thing in the input and then choose the item that you want to buy or sell.
Minecraft trading 3
In my case, it’s a farmer and I want breads. So, for that I just have to place the Emeralds in the input cell and then select the items.
After buying/selling the item, the item/Emeralds will be collected in the Inventory and the trading item will be sent to the Villager.

What Are The Types Of Villagers In Minecraft ?

There are six types of villager’s in Minecraft. Each of them have different color robe which makes them easily identical.
  • Brown Robed Villagers
  • White Robed Villagers
  • Purple Robed Villagers
  • Black Apron Villagers
  • White Apron Villagers
  • Green Robe Villagers
  • Brown Robed Villagers

Brown Robed Villager

Buys: Wheat, Potato, Carrot, Beetroot, Pumpkin, Melon
Sell: Bread, Pumpkin Pie, Apple, Cookie, Suspicious Stew, Cake, Golden Carrot, Glistering Melon
Buys: String, Coal, Raw Cod, Raw Salmon, Tropical Fish, Puffer Fish, Boat
Sell: Bucket of Cod, Cooked Cod, Campfire, Cooked Salmon, Fishing Rod
Buys: Wool, Dye
Sell: Shears, Wool, Carpet, Bed, Banner, Painting
Buys: Stick, Emerald + Gravel, Flint, String, Feather, Tripwire Hook, Emerald + Arrow
Sell: Arrow, Flint, Bow, Crossbow, Tipped Arrow

White Robed Villager

Buys: Paper, Emerald + Book, Book, Book and Quill
Sell: Bookshelf, Enchanted Book, Lantern, Glass, Compass, Clock, Name Tag

Purple Robed Villager

Buys: Rotten Flesh, Gold, Rabbit’s Foot, Scute, Glass Bottle, Nether Wart
Sell: Red stone Dust, Lapis Lazuli, Glow stone dust, Ender Pearl, Bottle o’ Enchanting

Black Apron Villager

Buys: Coal, Iron Ingot, Lava Bucket
Sell: Iron Helmet, Iron Chest plate, Iron Leggings, Iron Boots, Bell, Chain mail Leggings, Chain mail Boots, Chain mail Helmet, Chain mail Chest plate, Shield, Diamond Leggings, Diamond Boots, Diamond Helmet, Diamond Chest plate
Weapon Smith
Buys: Coal, Iron Ingot, Flint, Diamond
Sell: Iron Axe, Iron Sword, Bell, Diamond Axe, Diamond Sword
Tool Smith
Buys: Coal, Iron Ingot, Flint, Diamond
Sell: Stone Axe, Stone Pickaxe, Stone Shovel, Stone Hoe, Bell, Iron Axe, Iron Pickaxe, Iron Shovel, Diamond Hoe, Diamond Axe, Diamond Shovel, Diamond Pickaxe

White Apron Villager

Buys: Raw Chicken, Raw Rabbit, Raw Pork chop, Coal, Raw Beef, Raw Mutton, Dried Kelp Block, Sweet Berries
Sell: Rabbit Stew, Cooked Pork chop, Cooked Chicken
Leather worker
Buys: Leather, Flint, Rabbit Hide, Scute
Sell: Leather Armor, Saddle
Note: There is two more villagers (Nitwit, Unemployed) but they don’t trade anything.
These all are the villager’s who trade for Emeralds and loots.
Note: Never hit a villager because if you do hit a villager then it may drop his trade or increase the price of the items.
And with this last section the article is completed.
Let’s do a quick summary of the article.
In this article, we covered that how you can trade with villager’s in Minecraft and what are the types of villager’s in Minecraft.
Hope you like the article, ask your questions in the comments.

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