Minecraft Red Sand [Updated 2021]

Everyone is already pretty familiar with sand in Minecraft. It is a block affected by gravity, mostly found in deserts near water regions, or quite simply, it is generated naturally in most biomes.

But what about Minecraft red sand? What is its usage and where can we find It? Is it significant for gameplay? Can we easily obtain it? Let’s find out!

What is Minecraft red sand?

Red sand is a block in Minecraft, being a variation of sand affected by gravity and obeying physics. It appeared for the first time in version 1.7.2.

Where can we find it?

Being a naturally-occurring block, red sand can be found only in (Badlands) Mesa biomes. Generally, it generates in four-block-deep layers, supported by sandstone below.

How can we break it?

Like most ground blocks, red sand can be broken without tools, but a shovel is the fastest method of obtaining it. Here are some of the breaking times depending on the material your shovel is made of:

Minecraft Red Sand - Mining Time

Note: Time is calculated with no enchantments and no players status effects.

Can we trade it?

Yes, red sand can be traded. Wandering traders sell 4 red sand blocks for one emerald.‌


Except for decoration, red sand can be used for a few crafting recipes:

  • Red sandstone
  • TNT
  • Glass (smelting)


Crafting red sandstone is quite simple and it takes nothing but red sand as the only ingredient. You can make it in the following way:

  • Place two red sands in the first row.
  • Place two red sands in the second row.
  • Click and drag the red sandstone into your inventory to obtain It.

If confused, follow the picture for visual instruction.

Minecraft Red Sand - Red Sandstone


For the TNT craft, you’ll need just one more ingredient beside sandstone, and that is: gunpowder.

Gunpowder can be obtained from Dungeons, Desert Temples or Village Chests. It can also be obtained by killing Creepers, who drop 0-2 gunpowder blocks when killed. If they explode, they will not drop anything. Ghasts and Witches also occasionally drop gunpowder.

Once you have all of the required ingredients, you can make TNT in the following way:

  • Place one gunpowder, then one red sand, then one gunpowder in the first row.
  • Place one red sand, then one gunpowder then one red sand in the second row.
  • Place one gunpowder, then one red sand, then one gunpowder in the third row.
Minecraft Red Sand - TNT Making


Same as with the original sand block, red sand can also be used for smelting into a glass block. As for the ingredients, you will only need a block of red sand, preferably coal (can be replaced with wood and Lava Bucket – though that’s much less efficient) and a furnace.

Coal can be mined in caves, found in chests, or combined to make a coal block. It only drops if mined with a pickaxe.

A furnace can be crafted by placing eight cobblestone blocks in all the fields of crafting table except the middle one. Once crafted, it can be used for melting and cooking.

How to make glass:

  • Place red sand block in the upper field.
  • Place coal (coal block, lava bucket or any wooden material)
  • Wait for it to melt then click and drag to obtain it.
Minecraft Red Sand - Glass

Interesting facts about Red Sand

  • Unlike regular sand, baby turtles cannot hatch on it.
  • Red sand is required for farming cactus, and can also be used for farming bamboo, sugar cane and kelp.
  • Sand can be used in the construction of airlocks and mob suffocation traps.
  • If red sand falls on a torch, it is dropped as a block.
  • Red sand falls at the same rate when submerged in water, or lava, or air.
  • Red sand takes about 0.45 seconds to fall one meter.

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