How To Get an Invisible Item Frame In Minecraft: 2021 Method

As we all know that an item frame in Minecraft is made by placing 1 leather in the center cell and sticks in the outer cells of the crafting table and use to showcase stuff.
But what about invisible item frame, how do you get them?
Today in this article, I’m going to tell you that exact thing: how to get invisible item frames in Minecraft in both Java and bedrock.
How To Get Invisible Item Frame In Minecraft
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What Is The Invisible Item Frame?

Invisible item frame is nearly the same as item frame but a thing that makes it different from the common item frames is the feature that it doesn’t appear to be visible.
It is use for a variety of builds and projects because of its non-visible property.
It is not visible but you can place items in it and even rotate those items by using your hand. Download Minecraft APK from here

How To Get Invisible Item Frame In Java?

As most of us know that Minecraft is divided in 2 different categories on the basis of the platform and features — bedrock and java.
Java includes PC and Mac and Bedrock includes all types of consoles, Windows and Minecraft pocket edition.
A player can get invisible item frame in Minecraft using this code:

/give @s item_frame{EntityTag:{Invisible:1}}

How Do I Execute This Code:

  1. Open your chat window or command menu.
  2. Type in the code and select who to provide the item frame.
  3. @p — the nearest player
  4. @r — random player
  5. @a — all players
  6. @e — all entities
  7. @s — the entity executing the command
  8. Run the code by pressing enter and check your inventory.
Some important points to know:
  1. Always use this code on java only because the item frame is not an entity in Minecraft bedrock edition.
  2. Make sure you are playing at least on 1.16 updated Minecraft because in most cases commands don’t work in earlier versions.
  3. Type in the code perfectly else you’ll get an error message.
  4. Cheats should be enabled or it will not work.

How To Get Invisible Item Frame In Bedrock?

Java edition is just played on PC and Mac. On the other hand, the Bedrock edition is played on a variety of devices — pocket edition, Windows, Nintendo, Xbox and many more.
The above code that I told you that you can use in Java edition to get the invisible item frame cannot be done in Bedrock edition and it is because the most block in Bedrock edition are solid blocks and not entities.
But this doesn’t mean that you cannot have invisible item frame in Minecraft Bedrock edition.
You can have but you cannot use any type of codes to get this. In place of that, you need to use mods.
Now how will you find the mods?
  1. Open a new tab in your browser and then land on
  2. Type “Minecraft Invisible Item Frame Mod” + “Your device”, For example, if you have Minecraft pocket edition and you want it to add invisible item in it then you just need to search “Minecraft invisible item frame mod pocket edition” and you’ll have some results.
  3. Now, you just need to download the best one from a trusted site like — twitch, mcpedl, etc.
If you are having any trouble with settings up the mod, move here.
Note: Sometimes, there isn’t any mods for some specific platforms, sorry ☹️
After installing the mod, your current item frame will be replaced by the invisible item frame and now you simply pick it up from the inventory.
Tip: If you are downloading the mod for Minecraft PE and Xbox then make sure it has .mcpack extension.

How To Do It On Pocket Edition?

Minecraft Invisible Item Frame mod
  1. Go to mcpedl official website and search for this mod “invisible item frame” and then download it
  2. It’s size will be near to 1mb, click on it and choose Minecraft to open it
  3. Let the game load the mod and then move into the settings of your world that you want to have invisible item frame
  4. Go into resource pack selection and under available group, choose this particular mod and run the game
  5. Choose item from the inventory or make one and see the magic.
And with this last segment, the article is completed.
I hope you learned something new from the article, comment your questions.

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