How To Get Emeralds In Minecraft (Fast & Easy)

Did you know that emeralds are the easiest thing to get in Minecraft?
Seriously – it’s easy if you try to get it in the right way with right strategies.
How To Get Emerald In Minecraft
Emeralds are said to be the rarest thing in Minecraft. They are also used as currency to trade with the villagers in Minecraft.
Basically, there are three ways to get emeralds fast in Minecraft.
  1. Mining Emeralds
  2. Trading Emeralds
  3. In Treasure Chests
I know that many of you already know about these ways.
So what’s special about this strategy?
You might be mining emeralds and trading emeralds but still I can guarantee you that you are not doing what is required to push you over the edge.
In this article, I am going to cover both aspects of collecting emerald in Minecraft.
Also, all the methods discussed in this article work in all platforms of Minecraft — Java, Windows, Bedrock, Minecraft Pocket Edition, Education Edition and consoles.
Let’s start the article.

Mining Emeralds

If you have ever tried to find emeralds In Minecraft then you will surely know how hard it is to find an emerald ore.
Tip: If you mine Emerald Ore with a normal pickaxe then it will drop emerald and with mining ore with a silk touch pickaxe the ore gets collected.
But still there is something that you can focus on to increase your chances of getting emerald ore and it’s amount.

Get The Right Tools

You can not mine Emeralds with any Pickaxe. You either have to use iron or any other superior Pickaxe.
Also, I would recommend you to mine Emeralds with fortune pickaxe. By mining Emeralds with fortune pickaxe you can increase the amount of emeralds you get and with respect to every fortune level the amount will increase.
  • Fortune I — 2 Emeralds Maximum
  • Fortune II — 3 Emeralds Maximum
  • Fortune III — 4 Emeralds Maximum

Choose The Right Place

If you are mining Emeralds in the desert biomes then it is near to impossible for you to get the emeralds.
So, where you should mine Emerald in Minecraft ?
minecraft hills biome
You should always go to mine Emeralds in the hill biomes or extremely hill biomes.
In the hills biomes there are a lot of possibilities of getting Emerald Ores.

Mine At A Right Co-ordinate

Emeralds are not found everywhere, you need to mine at a specific scale of Co-ordinate to get it.
But there is a lot of chances of getting Emerald at Co-ordinate 11.
Tip: If you mine at Co-ordinate 11 then you can even get the diamonds.

Do Strip Mining

After you have reached Co-ordinate 11, you need to mine in a particular direction.
Just now don’t go down and keep mining in a particular direction and if you don’t get it then change your direction.
If you get Emerald then make sure to mine it with Fortune to increase its amount and it’s done 👍

Trading Emerald With Villager [OET]

You already know that Emerald is said to be the currency of Minecraft and can be used for trading purpose.
But you can even buy Emeralds by just selling some specific things.
Most of the time, the trade is not good but there is a great strategy that you can use called OET (One Emerald Trade) to outsmart villagers.
cheap villager trading in Minecraft
The strategy is about curing a zombie villager (you can make a villager, zombie villager by making him die by a zombie on hard mode). If you cure a zombie villager and then trade him it will give you 1 Emerald trade which means you can buy any item by using 1 Emerald and you can even sell them 1 paper, 1 Coal, Etc… To get an Emerald.
If you don’t know how to cure a zombie villager then go through the hyperlink.
After curing the zombie villager you can trade him so cheap.
Let’s take an example: 
If it’s a Fletcher villager then it’s common that it will trade for sticks but most of the time they trade like (32 sticks = 1 Emerald) but if you are going to try OET method on him then it will trade like (1 stick = 1 Emerald)
There is no just fletcher, you can find a variety of villagers whom you can trade with.

Brown Robed Villager

Buys: Wheat, Potato, Carrot, Beetroot, Pumpkin, Melon
Sell: Bread, Pumpkin Pie, Apple, Cookie, Suspicious Stew, Cake, Golden Carrot, Glistering Melon
Buys: String, Coal, Raw Cod, Raw Salmon, Tropical Fish, Puffer Fish, Boat
Sell: Bucket of Cod, Cooked Cod, Campfire, Cooked Salmon, Fishing Rod
Buys: Wool, Dye
Sell: Shears, Wool, Carpet, Bed, Banner, Painting
Buys: Stick, Emerald + Gravel, Flint, String, Feather, Tripwire Hook, Emerald + Arrow
Sell: Arrow, Flint, Bow, Crossbow, Tipped Arrow

White Robed Villager

Buys: Paper, Emerald + Book, Book, Book and Quill
Sell: Bookshelf, Enchanted Book, Lantern, Glass, Compass, Clock, Name Tag

Purple Robed Villager

Buys: Rotten Flesh, Gold, Rabbit’s Foot, Scute, Glass Bottle, Nether Wart
Sell: Red stone Dust, Lapis Lazuli, Glow stone dust, Ender Pearl, Bottle o’ Enchanting

Black Apron Villager

Buys: Coal, Iron Ingot, Lava Bucket
Sell: Iron Helmet, Iron Chest plate, Iron Leggings, Iron Boots, Bell, Chain mail Leggings, Chain mail Boots, Chain mail Helmet, Chain mail Chest plate, Shield, Diamond Leggings, Diamond Boots, Diamond Helmet, Diamond Chest plate
Weapon Smith
Buys: Coal, Iron Ingot, Flint, Diamond
Sell: Iron Axe, Iron Sword, Bell, Diamond Axe, Diamond Sword
Tool Smith
Buys: Coal, Iron Ingot, Flint, Diamond
Sell: Stone Axe, Stone Pickaxe, Stone Shovel, Stone Hoe, Bell, Iron Axe, Iron Pickaxe, Iron Shovel, Diamond Hoe, Diamond Axe, Diamond Shovel, Diamond Pickaxe

White Apron Villager

Buys: Raw Chicken, Raw Rabbit, Raw Pork chop, Coal, Raw Beef, Raw Mutton, Dried Kelp Block, Sweet Berries
Sell: Rabbit Stew, Cooked Pork chop, Cooked Chicken
Leather worker
Buys: Leather, Flint, Rabbit Hide, Scute
Sell: Leather Armor, Saddle
Note: There is two more villagers (Nitwit, Unemployed) but they don’t trade anything.

Emeralds In Treasure Chests

Now, if you are adventures or currently you don’t have the thing which is required to do the OET method then there is next method which bit of easy then mining Emeralds that is to find Emeralds in treasure chests.
loot in desert temple
These are the following structures where you can find Emerald:
Desert Temple: You can find Emerald in the chests inside the desert temples. The amount can vary between 1-3 and the chances are 18℅.
They are common in the desert biomes. You can even locate it by using a command.

/locate temple

You can even find a lot of different treasures — saddle, iron ingot, bone meal, etc. In it.
Buried treasure: They are treasure chests that are found under the soil. Basically, you need a map to discover it that can be seen inside the shipwrecks.
It contains about 4-8 Emeralds and the chances are 53.1%.
End city: After you have killed the Ender Dragon and found the end city, you can search for some chests.
Most of the chests will contain about 2-6 Emerald and the chances are 9%.
But at the same time, it’s a little hard to survive in the end city. So, I would recommend you to wear Pumpkin Head to protect yourself against Enderman.
Igloo: These structures are only found in the ice biomes but at the same time they are awesome for treasures.
You can have a variety of things in it.
But it contains sadly a single Emerald with chances 7.6%.
Jungle temple: Jungle Temple is the rarest structure in Minecraft that is found in the jungle biome.
You can get up to 3 Emeralds maximum in a chest and the chances are 8.7%.
It’s a great way to acquire treasures if you are in the jungle biome.
Shipwreck: It’s a monument that can be seen inside the oceans and lakes.
You can just explore the oceans a little to uncover this monument. They contain about 1-5 Emeralds in each chest and the chances are 73.7%.
Underwater ruins: Underwater ruins can be located inside the Oceans. They are made up of Sand & Stone blocks and contain a lot of loot including Emerald with chances 14.9% — 16.4%.
These all the three are the best way to get Emerald in Minecraft.
But I really like the OET (One Emerald Trade) method because it’s really easy and quick.
You should really try it.
Hope you like the article, let’s do a quick summary of the article.
In this article, I have discussed the fastest ways to get Emerald in Minecraft. I revealed some of my own strategies and one of my favorite technique called OET.
If you have any questions or concerns then let me know in the comment section.

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