How To Make Charcoal In Minecraft

Coal is one of the best fuel that can be used to smelt or cook the items. It is much efficient in comparison to the wood or anything else but what to do if you don’t have them.
how to make charcoal in minecraft
You can either make the coal or you can simply mine it.
We will discuss both the ways by which you can have a lot of fuel stock and never have any shortage of coal in the future.
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How To Make Charcoal In Minecraft

Basically, you can’t make coal, the thing that you can make is charcoal which is a type of coal. So, your query should be how to make charcoal in Minecraft.
Charcoal is an alternative of coal which is same as the coal and gives a little more energy out but a Coal is a natural resource or simply a fuel which provides us the heat energy required to smelt and cook the items but it is a natural resource which means it cannot be crafted.
Now, if you are clear with the difference between the coal and the charcoal then you can proceed on making the charcoal.
A furnace is a block of Minecraft in which we smelt or cook the items. It is really easy to craft and make.
Steps to make furnace:
furnace recipe in minecraft
  1. Gather at least 8 cobblestones by mining inside the ground with any pickaxe { mine the stone with any pickaxe and it will be collected as cobblestone }
  2. Make crafting table by placing the 4 wooden planks in your inventory crafting table { PC/MAC press E to open inventory }
  3. Open your crafting table by clicking on it
  4. Place the cobblestones in every cell except the middle cell
  5. Collect the furnace or move it to your inventory
Wood logs:
Wood logs are the next thing that you want, you can use any wood to make the charcoal { spruce, birch, acacia, jungle, dark oak, oak }
Wood can easily be collected, if you break the tree by using your hand or axe.
Wooden planks:
At last, you need an easily accessible fuel, wooden planks are one of the most common types of fuel and it is also easily available.

Collect the wood > Open your crafting table or inventory crafting table > Place the wood logs in any cell > Collect the planks

After getting all these things, you are ready to start making charcoal.
Here are the steps to make charcoal:
how to make coal in minecraft
  1. Open your furnace
  2. Place the wooden logs in the upper cell of the furnace
  3. Place the wooden planks or any fuel in the bottom cell
  4. Wait for some time and your charcoal will start getting prepared.
  5. Collect all the charcoal from the output cell and enjoy
But you might be wondering that this process is quite long to apply and at the same time, you also need a lot of resources for this.
So, if you are a person like me, who doesn’t like spending a lot then you should read the next heading which is all about the mining of coals.

How To Find Coal In Minecraft?

Coal is not a rare thing like any other resource but we all know that in Minecraft, we need a lot of fuel for a lot of purposes.
And just because of that reason, I will let you know how you can find at least 7 stacks to 8 stacks of coal.

Make a mine / Search for a cave

Coals are most common in the caves and they are mostly found in all the block levels.
If you want a lot of coal then you should always search for a cave and then mine there.
But what to do if you don’t have a cave near you.
Then, in that case, you can make a mine downwards. With this method, there is a lot of chances that you can get other resources also.

Make a pickaxe

To break the blocks, you should always have a pickaxe with you.
There is a variety of pickaxe that we have in Minecraft { Wooden pickaxe, Iron pickaxe, Gold Pickaxe and many more }
These all the pickaxes are different from each other because of the substances they are made up of.
But to mine the coal you can use any pickaxe even a wooden pickaxe.
To make a pickaxe:
  1. Open your crafting table
  2. Place the wooden planks in all the top cells or for any other pickaxe { iron or gold } Place there ingots.
  3. Place two sticks in the middle row of the grid. To make the sticks, place wooden planks one upon another.
  4. Collect the pickaxe or move it to your inventory

Search for coal:

The last step is to search for the coal and then mine it with any pickaxe.
Tip: If you will use a fortune enchanted pickaxe to mine the coals you can get more of them. There are three levels of the fortune enchantment and each level increases the amount of coal that you will get after you will mine a block of coal.

How To Make Coal Block In Minecraft?

The block of coal is an amazing fuel because it can be used to smelt 80 items.
To make the block of coal:
how to make block of coal in minecraft
  1. Open Crafting Table
  2. Place coal blocks in all the cell
  3. Collect the coal block

Alternatives of coal:

There is a lot of things which can be used as fuel. Some of Minecraft fuels are Lava bucket, Wood, Wooden blocks, Blaze road, Coal, Sapling, Jukebox, etc.
Lava Bucket
The first best alternative of coal is lava bucket because it gives you 1000 second burning time which is quite good.
But it is somewhere a little expensive to get because to make it you need 3 iron ingots and a source of lava.
And if you have a lot of lava and iron then it’s not a big deal.
Wood Blocks
The second-best alternative of coal is wooden blocks { Slab, fence, etc.}. Wood has a variety of shapes and figures and each one of them can be used as fuel.
Everything made of wood can be used as a fuel eg. chest, fence, etc.
So, if you have a lot of wood with you then it will always be easy for you to smelt and cook items.
Blaze Road
I don’t think that someone will ever use blaze road as a fuel. But still, it’s a fuel.
It can be used in the nether if you are planning to just live in the nether or starting life in nether serious.
But still, it is weird to use it.
Dried Kelp
Kelp is found inside the water.
Here are the steps to make dried kelp:
  1. Collect some kelp from the sea or ocean
  2. Cook them in a furnace to make dried kelp
  3. Open crafting table and place kelp in all cell
  4. Collect the block and use it as fuel
how to make dried kelp block in minecraft
Oh It was a lot
Hope you have understood each part correctly and now you are ready to start making your charcoals.
Let’s just do a quick recap.
In this article, we knew the difference between coal and charcoal, How to make charcoal in Minecraft, And what are the best alternatives for coal.
If you still have some questions then let me know in the comments.

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