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Minecraft Picnic: The Complete Guide

If you’re looking for a way to bring your friends together, want to spice up your roleplay server, or you’re just trying looking for a cute and fun way to decorate your Minecraft World, throwing a picnic party is a perfect way to enjoy those sweet sunny days.

In this article, we will describe and show a few tips and tricks to get your creative picnic juices flowing! You can follow this step-by-step guide but feel free to add your own tweaks and changes.

Here are a few things you’ll need:

  1. A picnic cloth and picnic table

Whether you’ll have a picnic in the wild or in a park, you’ll need a place to settle! In most parks, it is common to find picnic tables, grills or other things that will make your outdoor food experience much easier — but when you’re having a picnic in the wild, you will probably have to settle for a picnic cloth and other simpler things. For this example, we will use both! Since this is Minecraft and we can easily build any apparel we need on the fly, we will set our picnic cloth right next to the table. Using both also opens up space to use different and more unique techniques!

Minecraft Picnic Tablecloth

For the cloth design, this is a seven-by-seven square made out of red and white concrete powder, the concrete powder provides just a little bit of extra texture to our cloth, but there are many possible options: you can use wool blocks, carpets or even terracotta. Even if you’re not settling for wool blocks, carpets can be used to add an extra layer of depth to the cloth design. Feel free to mix and match colours to your liking as well, it’s your picnic! We will be using the standard red and white for this tutorial but don’t forget to experiment with colours, if you don’t like our colour scheme, try out white and blue or white and black, this is Minecraft and the best part about it is that you get to be as creative as you’d like.

Minecraft Picnic Table

For the picnic table, this one is made out of oak wood slabs, fences and signs, it’s made in a five by four rectangular shape. The top of the table will be made of half-blocked slabs. If you don’t want this, you can use armour stands instead of fences for the table legs and create a much more customizable setup. But, armour stands can be complex and aren’t always survival friendly, so we will be using the simpler design instead. As for the choice of wood, we’ve used oak wood in this example but you should use your creativity and world-building skills to make sure you’re picking the right type of wood. The table will be a better fit for your setup if it matches the surrounding forest, so if you’re in a taiga biome, you’ll probably have lots of spruce available. Use acacia if you’re in a savanna biome or dark oak if you’re in a dark forest — details like these are not necessary but they can add a nice touch of realism to your build.

  1. A basket
Minecraft Picnic Basket

Hopefully, someone brought food to this picnic and people usually carry food and utensils inside a picnic basket — so adding a basket to the build is a must. Here we will be using two different basket designs. The first one uses composter blocks and jungle trapdoors; this is a very small basket and it fits perfectly with the picnic cloth, you can have one or both trapdoors open for this design, but avoid having both closed as the open trapdoors are what make the basket’s handle! If you know your way around armour stands, you can use them alongside some creatively used blocks to add content to your composts, carefully placed iron helmets can be made to look like stacked plates! The jungle wood trapdoors were chosen since they have a cute pattern to them but, if you’d prefer, you can use any type of trapdoor you’d like: birch trapdoors can look especially good.

Minecraft Picnic Basket

The second design is bigger and can be increased to fit your build scale, though it looks like a two by one, this design actually carries a minimum three by five footprint due to how the trapdoors are placed. For this design, we recommend using spruce trapdoors for the base, jungle trap doors for the handle and we’ve filled the bottom of the picnic basket with vertically oriented hay blocks, to add a touch of colour. Be careful with the block you’re using to fill the bottom, using the wrong texture can make your picnic basket look like a trash can.

  1. A Grill
Minecraft Picnic Grill

Some parks have their own grills set up for visitors to use, but in Minecraft, you can easily build a nice looking portable grill! We’ve made this design using loom blocks as the grill base, jungle trapdoors for the back and iron trapdoors for the supporting side tables. You can also add item frames with rotated iron trapdoors so it looks like a cabinet door. We’ve also added an acacia button to the top of the grill, it looks a lot like a raw hamburger patty doesn’t it?

  1. Food for the cloth
Minecraft Picnic

Given how our picnic table design is set up, unless you’ve built it using armour stands in a half-block elevation, it won’t be possible to add food on top of it. Since not all of us are armour stand pro’s, we will focus on adding a bit of flair to the picnic cloth while the table waits on those tasty hamburgers. Bringing cake to a picnic is always a good idea, so make sure to place one in our cloth, it will be our centrepiece! Flower pots can be used as makeshift cups and you can use item frames as plates and add any food you’d like! We are using cooked chicken and cooked rabbit in this example but other food will work just as well. You can add berries, apples or cooked potatoes for that extra colour. Just make sure your guests are well served!

  1. Adding Vegetation
Minecraft Picnic Setup

As with any good Minecraft build, you should never neglect the vegetation, even though our build looks so amazing already. You should always add more greenery to your world by adding custom trees and bushes to your park to make it look good. For our example, we will be using some custom berry bushes! There are many possible designs that you can try out! For this picnic, we’ve decided to use a mix of oak and dark oak leaves, you can just randomly blend both together to create really good looking bushes. To add the berries, hide some peonies or rose bushes inside the leaves. You can use different elevations and cover them up with vines where necessary. They look so much like actual berry bushes!

Minecraft Picnic Setup

Finishing up

To finish up our design, all we need is to add is a cute little dirt path. Start by replacing some of the grass with coarse dirt. Thinking logically, grass usually dies where people walk, so figure out the route people would take to reach the table and grill and replace it with coarse dirt. It has to be coarse dirt, if you use regular dirt the grass will just grow back unless you have tick rate disabled on your server, which means that the path would have to be redone. From there, mix and match a few other dirt themed blocks. We will be using grass paths and the new rooted dirt, but you can use almost any brow coloured block, especially if you’re in a taiga biome where there is a lot of coarse dirt already. Feel free to try out terracotta, wool, carpet, concrete, and the brow concrete powder block can look especially good if used correctly. Once you’re done with the path, add some stone buttons — these will look like small rocks and pebbles along the way and will make the path look a lot more lively! Feel free to create some bigger rock formations using cobblestone blocks, smooth stone and cobblestone walls. You can even add in some buttons for extra flare, and having bigger rocks can spice up your build but be careful not to over-detail here. Once you’re done with the path and rocks, throw in some grass and small flowers around your picnic spot, azure bullets and blue orchid look especially good since they add a subtle touch of colour without being too overwhelming. Then add some complementary grass alongside and the build is ready!

You are done! All you need now is to pick a sunny day, call all your Minecraft friends and show off your picnic making skills. Make sure to set up a few minigames and activities so that you can all have fun together and this picnic will be a blast! When the picnic party ends, you can always just leave the set up there, it looks so good! A picnic will always be a great addition to any park or grassy area around your world!

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