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5 Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: 1.16 Updated

I love playing Minecraft and I think you too
But sometimes due to an unexciting seed or world, we just leave our interest and because of that reason, I have come with wonderful article in which we will discuss 5 best Minecraft bedrock seeds.
minecraft huge village seeds
The good thing about these Minecraft seeds is that they work in all bedrock platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, Pocket Edition, Nintendo, Etc.)
But before moving on those seeds, I would like to tell you a little about seeds in Minecraft and how to use seeds in Minecraft.
If you already know about these points then you can skip this part a little.

What Is A Seed In Minecraft ?

A Seed is a code which is used to create world in Minecraft. Every Minecraft world has a seed and every seed has a uniqueness.
Seeds are important because they help us to explore new world. If you have an amazing seed then you will be more interested in comparison to a common seed.
But there’s still a question that how will you add them.
Let’s See

How To Add Seed In Minecraft ?

The method of adding is different in all the platform but for this post we are just going to looks at bedrock and pe settings because this article is all about Minecraft bedrock seeds.
Pocket Edition:
  1. Open your Minecraft game
  2. Click on play and then create a new world
  3. Scroll a little and type in your seed
  4. Click on play and start the journey
Bedrock Edition:
The method is mostly similar in all the consoles.
  1. Open Your Console/Minecraft
  2. Select play game and then create a new world
  3. Type in a name for the world and then the seed and if the seed input box is not visible then be sure to click on more options
  4. Click on generate button in the bottom section

# 1 Spawn In The Village

Seed: 539117833

The first seed is quite of bit special because it has a lot of awesome structures close to the spawn point and the special thing is that it spawns a player near a village, or we can simply say inside a village.
Minecraft village seed #1
There is a nether ruin also inside the village which is quite rare and special. The village is big enough and it has a lot of wonderful villager’s house also that had come in the new 1.16 update of mine craft. The ruins are at the Co-ordinate (-3, y?, 119).
Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: Village Coordinates
There are a lot of villages near the respawn point :
Village I (68,y?, 79)
Village II (206, y?, 666)
Village III (-348, y?, 173)
Village IV (546, y?, 1015)
These all the villages are huge and has a lot of villagers of different kinds. Some of them even have blacksmith in it which is quite of bit rare.
Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: Nether Ruins
If you look at the nether part of this seed, It is really nice because it has all the important structures near to the spawn point in nether.
Nether Fortress which is a very important monument is really close to the spawn point which makes the process of collecting resources a lot easier.
Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: Nether Fortress
It is at the Co-ordinate (-400, y?, 112)
There is also a new structure added in the 1.16 update which has a lot of loot named bastion.
Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: Bastion
The structure is little hard to find but in this seed you don’t need to travel thousands of blocks because it is only a few blocks far from the spawn point.
The Co-ordinate of bastion (223, 58, -98)

Nether Portal Village

The second seed is also exciting and it is because it has a ruin portal inside it and it is mostly in the swamp biome which makes it completely rare.

Seed: 1144094412

Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: Nether Portal Village
It’s a zombie village but there is some zombie villager’s which you can easily cure and then make them the actual villager’s.
Tip: By curing a zombie villager, an actual villager will appear and the best thing about it is that he will trade everything very cheap in just 1 Emerald.
There is a witch hurt also where you can find potions and a black cat which looks dope.
Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: Nether Portal Village

Co-ordinate of witch hurt: (322, y?, 51)

It is surrounded by a lot of biomes. Some of its region is in the plane biome and mostly in the swamp biome. The best thing about swamp biome is that it is completely rare and slime spawn here.

Outpost Village

Seed: 1573577239

The third village is literally rocking because it is in the jungle biome and one of that most cute creatures of Minecraft live here.
Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: Outpost Village
Yeah! You guessed right
Pandas 🐼
They are really nice mobs, and they are only found in jungle biome.
Bamboos can also grab your attention. Bamboo is also something you should care about because it is really useful and looks awesome.

Village Co-ordinate: 508, y?, 116

The village is surrounded by trees and in the corner of that village, you have a pillager outpost which can help you build raid farms and collect some interesting loots.

Outpost Co-ordinate: 537, y?, 183

If you want loot then you should never forget about the jungle temple.
Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: Jungle Temple
This seed has a jungle temple also near to the spawn place. It is not a lot far away from the spawn place and by just travelling some blocks, you can reach it.

Here are the Co-ordinate: 644, y?, -394

And the last amazing thing in the over world is the shipwreck. Oceans are always mysterious because it has
a lot of amazing monuments and structures.
Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: Ocean
Shipwreck is one of the structures inside the water and the special thing about them is that they have treasure maps.

Co-ordinate: (536, y?, -264)

When I was just exploring this map, I found this shipwreck and then inside the shipwreck I found two treasure maps.

Minecraft Huge Zombie Village

Now, you are a fan of zombie villages then this seed is perfect for you.
Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: Zombie Village

Seed: 124421

This seed has 3 zombie villages near the spawn in this seed. Each village is really huge and has a lot of loot. They also contain a lot of zombie villagers which you can cure, and then they will become the actual villager’s.
Village I (78, y?, 164)
Village II (-216, y?, 104)
Village III (-68, y?, 984)
The best thing about this seed is ravines. There is a lot of ravines in this seed which are close enough to be explored.
Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: Ravine Village
They have awesome resources and many of them even have gold and diamonds.
There is also a shipwreck with treasure maps at the Co-ordinate (-264, y?, -280) in the ocean.
Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: Shipwreck Treasure
And at the last if you visit the nether other seed then you will find the fortress just a little block away from the spawn point.
Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: Fortress

Co-ordinate Of Fortress (138, y?, 90)

Huge Village

At, the end I have a seed which is full of amazing stuff.
Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: Huge Village

Seed: 978538240

The journey starts with a ruin which means if you spawn in this world, you will spawn on a nether ruin which sounds quite strange but still cool.
Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: Nether Ruin
After going a little forward, you will have a massive village in front of you which is really village has a lot of villagers.

Co-ordinate: (-60, y?, 93)

This seed is special not just because of the huge village. It is special because of it’s nether part.
The seed allows you spawn at the bastion at Co-ordinate (0, y?, 0) if you make a portal at the spawn point.
Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock
And also the fortress is just at Co-ordinate -117, y?, -36 which is really easy to locate and travel.
Hope you like the article, let me know in the comments about the best seed you liked and if you have a amazing seed then let me know in the comments.

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