How To Get Shaders In Minecraft PE [2021 Method]

Playing Minecraft with the default shaders is normal but using additional shaders is even more awesome.
How To Get Shaders In Minecraft PE
Shaders are one of the coolest things in Minecraft because they can change your whole Minecraft world.
But mainly we think that the shaders exists in the Java/Windows version only which is not true because you can use Shaders in the pocket edition also, the topic about which I will talk today [Using Shaders In Minecraft PE]
Let’s discuss in detail about shaders more or you can move to your desired topics [Click The Desired Link]

What Is A Minecraft Shader ?

A Minecraft shader changes the whole Minecraft by adjusting the brightness, shadows, sharpness and present the blocks beautifully.

It can be used for playing Minecraft in a more fun way. There is a variety of shaders which people use to make their game more realistic or cartoonist.

Shader exists mostly in all platforms of Minecraft except of some.

But for this article I will just discuss that how you can download & install shaders in Minecraft pocket edition.

How To Download Shader For MCPE

Before installing a shader in your Minecraft pe application, you have to find a nice and compatible shader for yourself.
There is a lot of places from where you can download mcpe shader.

But the best place to find mcpe shaders is they have a variety of shaders that you can use for free.
Personally, I also download shaders from this particular website.
But there is a thing that how will you download a MCPE shader by using mcpedl.

It’s simple just follow the instructions.

  1. Go on to their website by using this link [Click Me] after reading the article or you can do it now by following the instructions in a new browser tab.
  2. Choose the shader that you want to download and install
  3. For this time, I’m using VExZE Shaders (Android/iOS) which is a 1.16 updated Shader
  4. After getting a nice shader, be sure to download it by using the link
  5. If you are facing problem with finding a nice shader then you can just search it on YouTube “mcpe shaders” and then download it.

minecraft pe shader download

Some points to you should know while downloading a shader:
It is always necessary to download a shader that is compatible with the specs of your device and if you download some shader that has high graphics and your device doesn’t support it then it may crash or lag.
Always verify the shader version. It means if you have 1.16 mc version and the shader is just for 1.14 then it will not work for you.
As the issue of viruses are increasing, I will always recommend you to download the shader from an authority site —, mcpedl etc.
The file extension should be .mcpack and to confirm that you can just see it’s properties.

How To Install Shader In Minecraft PE

After downloading the shader, you have to install it and believe me, it’s that simple.
Ok, let’s see how you can
how to install shaders in minecraft pe

  1. Open the place where you have downloaded the shader pack in most of the cases it is in the download folder
  2. Open the file by pressing on it and if it asks you to select the program to open the folder, select Minecraft
  3. In few seconds, the Minecraft will start and the file will start getting loaded in the game
  4. When the shader is successfully imported in the game, open your settings
  5. Scroll a little down and there you will get global resources section
  6. click on it and then in resources pack menu, select the desired shader pack and close the settings
  7. It will take sometime for the game to load the shader pack, depends on your device
  8. And within few seconds it will be loaded and now you are ready to start playing your worlds.

By using these methods you can easily try new shaders.

Some problems regarding Minecraft and their solutions:


Why my Minecraft Shader lags or crash ?

This is the most common problem that is faced by a lot of people and according to me it’s not so huge.
It is only because of your device and if you are facing this problem then you should firstly understand that a shader may have High graphics and High performance consumption.
So, if you use a shader which is not supported by your device then you can’t use that shader, in that case you should go for a new one.

How Do I Change Or Deactivate Shaders In Minecraft PE ?

Many of times, after installing the shader we don’t know how to deactivate it or how to change it with any other shaders.

To Deactivate & Change A Shader In Minecraft PE

Deactivate A Shader In Minecraft PE

  1. Open Minecraft and then settings
  2. In setting, scroll a little and find global resources
  3. After that, open the active shader list and then choose the shader that you want to deactivate and click on deactivate button
If you just want to deactivate the shader then you can use this method and for changing the shader.
Reactivate A Shader In Minecraft PE

  1. Deactivate the last shader which is already installed
  2. Click on my packs list and choose the desired shader and then click on activate
  3. Close the settings and wait up to the time the shader gets loaded
  4. Done 🙂
And with this last segment, the article is completed.

Hope you liked the article.

Let’s do a quick summary of what we learnt today.

In this article, we talked about downloading shaders in minecraft pe and then installing shaders in mcpe.

If you have any questions regarding the topic, be sure to write in comments.

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