How To Make Piston And Sticky Piston In Minecraft [2021 EDITION]

In this article we’ll be discussing how to make simple piston and sticky piston in Minecraft along with a piston door which will help you understand how to work with the pistons:

How To Make Piston And Sticky Piston In Minecraft

Things That You Need :- Iron ingot, wood planks, red stone and cobblestone.  

Iron Ingot :- When you are mining you will find iron ore. Mine it using a pickaxe (you can use a stone pickaxe, iron pickaxe, gold pickaxe or diamond pickaxe to collect it). Smelt it in a furnace and you will get iron ingot.

Wood Planks :- Place a log in your inventory crafting table to collect it. To get a log, cut down a tree.

Red stone :- When you go mining deep in a mine you will find red stone ore. You can also make red stone using red sand.

Note:- Red stone can be collected using a iron and diamond pickaxe.

Cobblestone :- When you go mining you will find a gray color hard block and that is stone. When you mine it, you will get cobblestone.

Tip:- You can mine stone and normally you get cobblestone but if you mine stone with a silk touch enchanted pickaxe you will get stone.

Recipe Of Making Piston :-

minecraft piston recipe
  1. Open crafting table
  2. Place wood planks in the top row
  3. Place iron ingot in the middle column of the middle row
  4. Place cobblestone in the remaining cells of the middle row
  5. Place redstone in the middle column of the bottom column
  6. Pick the piston or move it to your inventory

    How to make sticky piston in minecraft

    Things that you need :-

    Slimeball :- When you kill slime you will get slimeball. Its found in deep caves and mine shafts.

    Piston :- To learn how to make Piston, scroll up for more information.

    Making sticky piston :-

minecraft sticky piston
  1. Open crafting table.
  2. Place piston in middle row of middle column.
  3. Place slimeball ball on top of it.
  4. Pick the sticky piston or move it to your inventory.

What Is A Piston In Minecraft

Piston is a mechanical block which has the capability to push blocks that can be moved [e.g. gravel, cobblestone]. It is activated when a red stone pulse is given.

Types Of Piston In Minecraft 

  • Piston
  • Sticky Piston

How do I make a piston door?

A Piston door in my view is a secret door that we can build in Minecraft and no one except us can find.

Do you want to know how to make piston door in Minecraft?

Firstly, gather all the items :-

If you want to make a piston door then you need to have the right materials to do it.

Sticky piston :- It is the primary component of a piston door. If you want to make it or want to know about it, then scroll up a little to learn more.

Red stone:- It is very important to have red stones because we are going to use it for transporting the red stone signal to make the piston functional.

Lever :- Next is the lever, and it is needed to make the sticky piston work. You must provide it energy and the lever is going to do exactly that.

Desired blocks:- You have to gather some blocks also, related to your biome (mesa biomes – terracotta, desert biomes – sand, etc.).

And now you are all set and good to go:

The first step is to find a place where you are going to do it. Just look for a secluded place away from high-traffic areas, and you should be good.

Now clear the place a little bit so that you can place the piston (l×b = 6×2 blocks).

Place the sticky piston as shown in the picture (one on top of another) and make sure pistons are in the same manner as in the picture.

Now place the desired block on the piston but make sure the block is completely connected with the piston.

Design your secret house. The one shown in the picture is just a sample – you can do a lot better than that.

Apply your creativity and hide your base now. I know you can do better than the picture here, so use your imagination.

Apply your creativity and hide your base now. I know you can do better than the picture here, so use your imagination.

Place a lever at a place where no one can find it (you can also hide it with a block) and turn it on.

Note:- When you turn the lever on, the piston will close the door and your base now is nowhere and after turning it off, it will open the secret house and get the secret door back to existence.

And we have done it!


Hope you loved this article! In this article we covered a lot but hopefully now you know how to make piston and sticky piston in Minecraft, along with how to make a piston door in Minecraft. Drop your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Hope you liked it!

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