Minecraft Shelf: Uses and Recipes of Shelves in Minecraft

I am decorating my house and want to place a shelf, how do I do it? There are no shelves in Minecraft, am I right?

Well actually, there are. In fact, there are numerous ways to place a shelf, mostly depending on how lazy/persistent you are.

Here you are about to find out the most common ways to place a shelf in your house. You will be surprised to see just how many ways to create a shelf there are in such a simple game as Minecraft.

Let’s get started!


This is probably the best option to choose if you want a shelf. A bibliocraft is a mod related to house decoration. Shelves, display cases, chairs, tables, lanterns, bookcases…everything you can think of is inside of this mod!

The mod can be easily downloaded on this link and although it is as old as March 2014 and got its last update quite a while back it still looks awesome! Also, the latest report from the mod’s creator is very promising as he tweeted in May 2021 that Bibliocraft is likely to go open source. That way, everybody can contribute and implement their own ideas into the mod.

With Bibliocraft, you could have had armor stands years before they actually got implemented into the core Minecraft version. There are so many things in this mod so the best description for it would be this comment of its author:

“…so I began work on BiblioCraft. Biblio comes from the Greek word meaning ‘book’. The bookcase is meant to be visually pleasing as well and display added books on the shelf so one can look at the bookcase and see right away how many books are there. After that I decided, why stop there? I realized there are many other types of items that would fare well with unique, dedicated storage blocks. That realization sparked the addition of another 6 types of blocks… and that was just the beginning.”

The mod itself presents you with several options for shelves.

For example, you can have:

  • standard bookshelf (in game Bookcase) in several colors (depends on type of wood)  
  • a shelf which also comes in different colors and has no case (just plain shelves)
  • a potion shelf (to store potions)

Recipes are really easy, they usually use only wood with some exceptions for glass, wool, or similar ingredients.

There is much more to find in Bibliocraft, but those 3 are most likely to serve as your house shelves but do keep in mind that this mod includes many items which are not found in vanilla!

Simple Shelves

Much simpler mod, simple shelves offers you exactly what it says. Shelves, simple and easy to use, nothing more and nothing less. It is heavily inspired by Bibliocraft and it is specifically designed for new, modern versions of Minecraft (1.17 and beyond).

Apart from its decorative purposes, the mod actually has a pretty useful purpose. It allows you to store items on shelves that you can see being displayed even when you close your inventory. It can store up to 12 items, many of which support an entire stack (64) using just one slot. Shelves come in all eight vanilla wood colors.

Download the mod right here.

Just use slabs

If you don’t want to use mods (or don’t know how to install them) you can simply use slabs of different colors than your wall (in case it’s made out of wood).

However, in that case, you might want to expand your house since slabs use an entire block which makes them look massive and they are definitely the least appealing type of shelves.

They also come in all 8 vanilla wood colors and need only three blocks of wood to produce six slabs.

How do I install a mod?

To install mods such as Bibliocraft or Simple shelves the first thing you need to do is download Minecraft Forge. Forge is a third-party tool that helps you to easily add and remove mods from your game. Once it is installed, you should create a new profile titled Forge. Logging into this will give you access to a new menu option called Mods, where you can apply them to your new gameplay.

The next thing on the list is downloading compatible mods. Make sure you have your newly downloaded add-ons (or mods) ready to be accessed. We will need to move these to a new folder for complete installation. Also, make sure that your desired mod corresponds accordingly with the downloaded version of Forge.

Now comes the actual installing of the mod. It is very simple. Just copy the downloaded mod files into the /mods/folder.

As new mods are added, they should be applied directly to your game.

How to decorate my house properly?

This question is as complicated in Minecraft as it is in the real world. There is no one answer, it depends on your taste. There are, however, some tricks which tend to work for most people. Here are some of them which do not include mods.

The living room

  • Couches are a big part of living rooms and are easily replicated in your home. They’re also very easy to craft. Just make a couch by placing two or more stair blocks next to each other. Placing slabs in front of the stairs make it look longer! You also can use slabs surrounded by wool blocks for a fancier and fluffier-looking couch.
  • Tables are great additions to any living room. If you already have a couch, try to make a simple coffee table out of slabs in front of it. A fence post with a pressure plate on top is a great end table, as well as an activated piston. You can also place carpet on top of an anvil to create awesome furniture.
  • Television – Every living room simply must have a television so you can watch your favourite cartoons! The easiest way to build a television is to place six blocks of black wool together to create a black screen. You can also place pictures on top to replicate movies being played. Many people also include a table underneath it with fence posts and signs.
  • Fireplace – Old and fancy! In older MC versions you could surround a block of Netherrack with stone or brick blocks. Netherrack will burn constantly, and materials like brick and stone are fireproof. In modern versions however, I simply recommend you to craft an awesome fireplace!


  • Fridge – The best method is to dig down one block where you want your fridge to be. Put a chest in that hole, leave the block above it blank, and place one iron block above that. Place an iron door in front of your fridge, with either a lever or button on the iron block to open the door.
  • Sink – Beyond just decoration, it can also be a great place to store some water on-hand. To make a simple kitchen sink, place down one cauldron, fill it with a water bucket, and place one tripwire hook above the cauldron to represent the faucet. You can place two cauldrons next to each other if you want a double sink.
  • Tiles – Pick your terracotta color and place the blocks so the designs match up. Matching the pattern in the glazed terracotta above created a circle pattern. If you prefer to keep things simple, wool is a good tile alternative. Feel free to use different colors to make your own pattern.
  • Countertop – This is a must have! Where else are you going to prepare your food? To create a simple cupboard, just place one bookshelf block, and put a wooden trapdoor on the side of the bookshelf facing you. Whenever you open the trapdoor, your shelves will look like they are full of items! You can use wood planks for a simpler approach.
  • Stove – To create a fully functional stove, just use a furnace in your kitchen. Try adding a crafting table as well to make your kitchen completely functional.


  • Dresser – A dresser holds our clothes, personal belongings, and other apparel. To create a dresser in Minecraft while maintaining its functionality, you can place two long chests on top of each other. A long chest is made by placing two chests adjacent to each other. This doubles the space the chest can hold, as well as its length.
  • Closet – Another functional feature of a bedroom is the closet. You can build a closet in Minecraft for decoration, or fill it with chests or other items. To make a closet, dig one block deep and two blocks high into the bedroom wall. If you prefer, you can make the closet wider, deeper or taller, however you want! Placing stained glass panes around an opening can mimic a colorful curtain.
  • Desk – You can also build a desk to do your very important Minecraft work. An easy model of a desk is built the same way the tables were in the living room. Just place two fence posts next to each other with wooden pressure plates (or wood slabs) on top. Alternatively, place a wooden trap door between two anvils, and cover the surface with carpet. While you can’t put anything on the desk, it still makes a nice addition to the bedroom.

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