How To Make A Book In Minecraft [Super Easily]

Books are one of the most important things in Minecraft. They help us to set up the enchantment table, and we can also use them to write something and a lot of other stuff.

They have there own importance. As we all know that the enchantment table is very important in Minecraft and to make a proper enchanting setup, we need a bookshelf and they can never be crafted without a book.
Now, before starting the article, I just want you to know that what you are going to know in this article.
In this article, we are going to discuss how you can make a book in Minecraft and we will also discuss the best ways to collect the items.
Minecraft Book Recipe
Let’s Start,

How To Make Book In Minecraft

Things That You Need:
Paper: To make a book, the first thing that you need is paper which you can easily make by using sugarcane.
Sugarcane is a crop that you can grow on the sand. It can be used to make various item: sugar, paper, etc.
To make paper from the sugarcane, you just have to follow the given steps:
  1. Open Crafting Table
  2. Place sugarcane in any column and for that, you need 3 sugarcane.
  3. Collect the paper or move it to your inventory.
how to make paper in minecraft
But to make the paper, you need sugarcane that you can easily get by doing the farming of sugarcane.
There are two ways through which you can farm the sugarcane. The first is to farm sugarcane in the traditional style and the second is to do Automated farming.

Manual Farming Of Sugarcane:

If you want to do the farming of sugarcane manually then you just need some kinds of stuff sand, sugarcane, and water.
The Process is really simple and quick and if you don’t have sugarcane then you can easily get them by just exploring a little near the lake or ocean.
The first step is to clear the and then place sand in that given area. You can clear the area by using the shovel and for getting the sand, just visit the desert biome.
sugarcane farming 1
In the second step, you have to remove the front blocks and then place water inside it which can easily be done using a water bucket.
sugarcane farming 2
The last step is to add sugarcane on the sand and your farm will be complete.
sugarcane farming 3
All Set
Automatic Sugarcane Farm:
To make an automatic farm, You need Observers, Redstone, Piston, Glass, Sugarcane, Sand, Water Bucket, Desired Blocks, Rail, Powered Rail, Minecart With Hopper, Hopper.

How To Get Leather In Minecraft

Leather is one of most important component to craft a book but do you how you can get them.
You may think, the killing of animals can be a source of getting Leather but that is not the only way to get the Leather. They are a lot ways through which you can get the Leather.
Basically, there are three ways through which you can get Leather in Minecraft.

By Killing Animals

This is the most common and popular way to get the Leather. So, must be thinking that what is new about killing animals and getting a Leather but the animals are not everywhere.
Because of that reason, I have came with this section. In this section, I am going to let you know about all the ways through which you can get the Leather by using the method of killing animals.
So, let’s start
There are a lot of mobs that you can kill and get the Leather.
Cows, Mushroom Cows, Horse, Mules, Donkey, llamas, Rabbit and Hoglins are those animal from which you can get the Leather.
Cows: Cows are mostly found in the planes biome, jungle biome and near the villages.
Mushroom Cows: Mushroom Cows are similar to the common cow but they have a outer covering of mushroom shaders on their body. They can be found only in the mushroom biome.
To Locate A Mushroom Biome:

/locatebiome mushroom_fields

Use this command [Pc/Mac: F3]
Tip: If you don’t want to find the Mushroom Biome with the command then you can explore them. The best way to explore them is to travel over the ocean using a boat because they are mostly island.
Horse: The horses can be found in the Savannah biome and the Plains biome. You can get the Leather by just killing them.
Donkey: The donkey are 90℅ same as the horses because they also spawn in Savannah biome and plains biome.
Mules: Mules come in existence when you breed a horse and a donkey together. So, if you want them then you have to breed these two creatures.
llamas: llamas spawn in mountain and savanna biomes. They also spawn with the vending trader and the vending trader can spawn in any biome. So, if you are in mesa then still you can do it.
Rabbit: These tiny creatures also give us the leather but after death, they don’t drop any Leather.
… Confused😵
They drop Rabbit Hide. It can be found in plains, forests, extreme hills, taiga, swamps, birch forests, jungles, cold taiga, mega taiga, roofed forests, and savanna biomes.
There are almost everywhere.
The process is really simple, you just have to kill them and they will give you rabbit hide.
  1. Open your crafting table or inventory crafting table.
  2. Place rabbit hide in the first column except last cell.
  3. Place rabbit hide in the second column except last cell.
  4. Collect the leather or move it your inventory.
Hogglin: Hogglin are new nether mobs that had came in the nether update of Minecraft. They are not friendly and because of that, it is little hard to deal with them but still actionable.
Hoglins spawn in Crimson Forest Biomes and drop 1-2 leather after they die.
Command to find Crimson Forest:

/locatebiome crimson_forest

Tip: To increase the amount of Leather you get, be sure to kill them with a looting sword. Each level of looting increase the chance of getting one more Leather.

Leather By Fishing

Fishing is also a actionable way to get saddle. It is really easy to get leather with fishing. If you are in the ice biome then this method can work for you.
Making Of Book:
Now, if you have both Leather and paper then you are ready to craft the book.
how to make book in Minecraft
  1. Open your crafting table or inventory crafting table
  2. Place the Leather and paper as shown in the given image
  3. Collect the book or move it to your inventory
Hope you like today’s article.
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