How To Find Dungeons In Minecraft: Unique Method

I know you want a dungeon but finding it hard to get one.
If the answer is yes, then don’t worry because today I will let you know about those three useful and working ways to find dungeons in Minecraft.
How To Find Dungeons In Minecraft
Dungeons are said to those small rooms made up of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone, they contain a mob spawner and chests filled with loot.
A dungeon can be an important thing if you are planning to make any type of farms or need a saddle.
One day I was searching for this common query but there seems to be no useful results.
And that’s why I thought to solve this problem. I tried all the methods that a variety of people use, I read some articles, watched videos and after testing all these methods, found those three ways that worked for me on different platforms and versions and may work for you too.
Note: I have tested these methods on most of the platforms and versions. So, if a method isn’t working for you then you can try different methods and if this task feels impossible to you feel free ot reach out.
So, what are those three ways to find a dungeon in Minecraft.
You can find a dungeon in Minecraft by using these following ways:
  • The X-Ray Glitch Method [All Platforms Including Bedrock]
  • Blocktopograph Application [Minecraft PE Only]
  • Dungeon Finder [Mostly Java And Windows]

The X-Ray Glitch Method [MC]

X-Ray glitch is popular glitch of Minecraft that occurs in most of the platforms of Minecraft. This glitch let the player see certain things [Dungeon, Stronghold] that are hidden behind the blocks.
dungeon with X-RAY method
There’s a lot of ways through which this glitch can be performed but as you know that Minecraft keep fixing the bugs and glitches, I would recommend you to try a variety of ways to perform this glitch because it’s not possible that if anything had worked for someone else may work for you too.
That’s why I have separated these three easy ways to perform X-Ray glitch.
  • Boat X-Ray Glitch
  • Mine cart X-Ray Glitch
  • Piston & Slab X-Ray Glitch

Boat X-Ray Glitch

X-Ray Glitch can be performed by using a variety of methods but the methods that worked for me a lot of times and is easy, is the boat method.
If you want to perform this method then you just need a boat and any pickaxe.
Here’re the steps to use this method:
X-RAY glicth with boat
  1. Craft a boat, get a pickaxe and a potion of night vision (night vision is not mandatory but it makes the whole thing easy)
  2. Dig under the ground until your Y Co-ordinate value reaches between 10-20, to see your Co-ordinate press F3 [PC] or enable Show Co-ordinate from setting.
  3. After reaching your desired Co-ordinate, mine in a particular direction (2×1).
  4. Drink the potion of night vision, and then place the boat on the last block.
  5. Get into the boat and try to move slowly in the direction the boat is getting into (make sure you have pickaxe in your hand).
  6. In a few seconds, your character head will be inside any block and the glitch will be working. Just make sure you don’t do it fast else you will get suffocated.
Tip: If you start suffocating than just break the blocks near of you mainly in the top direction.

Mine cart X-Ray Glitch

You can also perform X-Ray glitch by using a Mine cart. This method is also really cheap because you just need a few items to perform this method ~ Mine cart, Simple Rails, slabs.
Here’re the steps to use this method:
X-RAY glicth with minecart
  1. Craft a Mine cart, few rails, some slabs and get any pickaxe.
  2. Go inside the ground until you Y Co-ordinate value reaches between 10-20.
  3. And then make an arrangement of blocks as shown in the image (make sure you do it right).
  4. Place the Mine cart and ride in it to see the glitch.
Note: If you want to get out of the glitch then you have to get out of the Mine cart and break the blocks that are on top of you.

Piston & Slab X-Ray Glitch

To perform this particular method, you need these following items:
  • 1x Piston
  • 1x Lever
  • 1x Slab
After you have crafted all these things, follow these steps:
X-RAY glicth with piston
  1. As always to see this glitch, go deep inside the ground (make sure there isn’t gravel)
  2. Place the blocks as shown in the image and drink the potion of night vision.
  3. Before pressing the lever, have few block space above of you.
  4. Press the lever and see the magic.
Note: To get out of the glitch, just break the slab.
Now, if you have selected the method you want to go with.
Let’s see how to find the dungeon by using this X-Ray glitch.
Note: For this time, I’m using the boat method because it works in most of the versions of Minecraft.

Locate A Dungeon

You can easily locate the dungeon by using any of these methods. But a thing that you should never forget is that the dungeons are rare. So, if you don’t get it near to your home then you should keep practicing this method at different places.
And within few seconds, you will have located a dungeon. It mostly depends upon your device performance. So, if you want to increase your chances then you can change your graphics settings to make the work easier for you.

Reach The Dungeon

After you have located the dungeon. You just need to reach it.
Tip: Be sure to have some torches to stop mobs from spawning.
As you will start reaching the dungeon after locating it, you may think it’s harder but it’s not that hard, you just have to understand the direction and move slowly towards it.
If at any point, you think I forgot where was the dungeon then you can again use the X-Ray glitch to have closure look of it.
I know you know how to do it.
Good luck, let’s move to the next method.

Blocktopograph Application [Android & IOS]

[This section is for MCPE, move to next one for others]
Blocktopograph is an application that helps the player to edit the world and can be used to find a variety of structures.
Tip: You can download this application from your device App Store.
It’s an awesome application because it provides a lot of information about your Minecraft world.
You can find a variety of structures and caves with this application.
Let’s see how you can use this application to find a spawner.
finding dungeon using Blocktopograph

Set up The Application

After installing Blocktopograph, you have to set up it.
  1. Open the application by clicking on it.
  2. Allow it the permissions to make it functional.
  3. Locate your world in which you want to find the dungeon and if it is not in the world list then you can simply import it from the file manager.
To import the world:
  1. Click on (open world with custom path) button located in the top of the application.
  2. Go into your file manager in an another window.
  3. See the path of your Minecraft world by going into its properties, it will be present in the games>com.mojang>minecraftWorlds folder.
  4. Copy the path or write it somewhere in the notes application and type it into the box.
  5. [Switch to Blocktopograph]
  6. Click on open and it’s done.

Locate The Dungeon

After importing the world in the application, open your world and then click on the blue arrow to move in the main panel.
Now, follow these steps to locate a dungeon:
  1. Swipe right and then find the cave option in the Over world group.
  2. Click on the cave option, a new window will appear
  3. Now, locate the pink boxes with a white dot in it ~ these are the dungeon and the white dot represents the mob spawner
  4. Click on the white dot and note down the Co-ordinate.

Reach The Dungeon

  1. Open your Minecraft world, make sure the Co-ordinate setting is enabled.
  2. Follow the Co-ordinate and then dig down under the ground
  3. Do it properly by making a proper mine or you may face difficulties.
Tip: Don’t go for straight mining else you may fell in lava or break the spawner. Unforetunately, even the Frost Walker enchantment doesn’t work against lava.

Dungeon Finder [Java & Bedrock 1.16]

Dungeon finder is an online dungeon finder that is developed by from the view to help people find dungeons and other structures.
It’s not 100% accurate but it can be useful if you are in 1.16 updated Minecraft.
I tried it myself and it worked but sometimes there was nothing. So, I will not say it’s super effective but you can try it.
If you want to find the dungeon using this method then here’re the instructions:
Tip: You can open the dungeon finder site in a different window and keep reading the guide.
dungeon finder
  1. Go to, don’t forget to write down your Minecraft world seed.
  2. Type in the seed in the seed input box or click on (load from save) to select your Minecraft world and then select your version from the version input box
  3. Scroll a little and then click on (go) to load the seed
  4. After the seed is loaded, find the colored boxes ~ these are the dungeons.
  5. Mouse input: hover over a chunk or double click
  6. Touch input: tap or long press on a chunk
  7. Note down the Co-ordinates and reach the dungeon, mission accomplished.
  • Multiple Spawners in chunk [Orange Cell]
  • Zombie Spawner [Green Cell]
  • Skeleton Spawner [Grey Cell]
  • Spider Spawner [Red Cell]

I hope you have found the dungeon or will find one.

How do I stop mobs from spawning?

After finding a dungeon, you have to stop mobs spawning and it is because if you don’t stop mobs from spawning then they can attack you and your whole work will be wasted.
stop mob spawning in Minecraft
To stop mobs spawning from spawning, you can either break the mob spawner or you can place torches on it and if they keep spawning then just fill the whole room with torches.
You can simply make torches by placing sticks and coal in the crafting table one upon another.

What items will I find in a dungeon chest?

  • Bone (57.8% Chances)
  • Gunpowder (57.8% Chances)
  • Rotten Flesh (57.8% Chances)
  • String (57.8% Chances)
  • Wheat (34.1% Chances)
  • Bread (34.1% Chances)
  • Name Tag (28.3% Chances)
  • Saddle (28.3% Chances)
  • Coal (26.6% Chances)
  • Redstone Dust (26.6% Chances)
  • Music Disc (13) (21.8% Chances)
  • Music Disc (Cat) (21.8% Chances)
  • Iron Horse Armor (21.8% Chances)
  • Golden Apple (21.8% Chances)
  • Beetroot Seeds (18.5% Chances)
  • Melon Seeds (18.5% Chances)
  • Pumpkin Seeds (18.5% Chances)
  • Iron Ingot (18.5% Chances)
  • Bucket (18.5% Chances)
  • Enchanted Book (14.9% Chances)
  • Golden Horse Armor (14.9% Chances)
  • Gold Ingot (9.6% Chances)
  • Diamond Horse Armor (7.7% Chances)
  • Enchanted Golden Apple (3.1% Chances)
And with this last method the article is completed.
Let’s do a quick summary of what you learned today from this article.
Today in this article, I have discussed my personal methods by which so far I have found dungeons in Minecraft ~ X-Ray Glitch, By using Blocktopograph, Dungeon Finder. I have also discussed about the items that you get inside of dungeon chests and how to stop mobs to spawn.
Hope you like the article, if you have any comments or questions then please let me know in the comment section.

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