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Why Shouldn’t You Leave Trees Floating In Minecraft

I have been playing Minecraft from a long time but still I get confused to some things and I think there is still a lot to explore.
Why Shouldn't You Leave Trees Floating In Minecraft
Most often, I used to see something like this in my bedrock/Windows device.
Do you get it in your device ?
Minecraft generating world
I know you get but why Minecraft says “Don’t Leave Trees Floating”.
Is there any solid reason behind of this underrated question.
Hmm… 🤔
I started searching for something that can really prove this point. I read some articles, watched videos and even looked for some possible answers from the Minecraft Community.
Maybe I’m wrong but this is why I got 🤓
But before continuing the article, I must say that it’s your own game and it all depends upon your choice that how you play it. So, if you think the answer isn’t what you want then (@_@) ignore.
Now, let’s move to the answer.
It all starts with understanding that how trees work.
As we already know that there is a variety of trees found in the Over world and Nether with different sizes and sapling.
Some trees give apple and saplings and someone just sapling. Many of them are small and someone just too big.
But the most common thing that is, they die after all the logs are removed from the trees.
It means if you cut all the logs from the individual then the whole tree with leaves will disappear and will either drop apples or sapling.
But the whole function named tree leave decay function is literally a lot time-consuming.
In the earlier versions of Minecraft this function was not even present but currently we have this feature.
But a bad thing about this feature is that it is really slow. So, if you cut the logs and left the leaves alone then it may take a lot of time to despawn completely.
Note: It can be speed up by using a command.

/gamerule randomTickSpeed x, where x is any value

And because of this reason it looks so bad to see the leaves floating without the logs.
floating tree in Minecraft
It was worse in earlier versions because of the chunks restriction.
Also, if the height of the tree is literally more in comparison to a normal tree then after all the logs are removed. It will work as a shelter which will encounter sunlight to cause mob spawning.
Hence, the mobs will start spawning below the leaves due to the lack of sunlight.
It’s a great problem because if the entities will not despawn then they may cause damage to you or your resources.
That’s why Minecraft say “Don’t Leave Trees Floating” because it looks awful and can cause mobs to spawn.
Also, there is no other answer to such question. It is said by Minecraft only because it looks bad to most of the people.
But if you still think that it’s not your desired answer then I would love to hear your points in the comment section.
And if you think it’s an answer for you then be sure to comment “Now I Know” and share to someone who is still confused.

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