How To Make a Wooden Sword In Minecraft

Every single player in Minecraft starts his/her Minecraft journey with a wooden sword. It is the very first sword that came in Minecraft. It’s not that effective and even don’t have good durability and attack damage.
But as a starter, you should craft it.

Swords are one of the most important things for a Minecraft player because it protects you from other mobs and helps you kill them which are somewhere dangerous for you.

You need to craft a sword. It allows you to PvP with other players and also helps you protect yourself from the wild mobs.
But do you know, how to make a wooden sword in Minecraft?
A wooden sword in Minecraft is crafted by placing two wood planks from the top cell of the middle row and a stick underneath of it in the crafting table (3×3) grid.
Note: There is a lot of swords in Minecraft { Wooden, Iron, Stone, Gold, Diamond, Netherite }. They all are different from each other because of their durability, strength, sharpness, and other important abilities but for the start, a wooden sword is awesome.
Let’s start making the sword.

Gather The Items

The first thing that you need is resources. If you want to make a wooden sword then you need wood for that, a wooden sword needs 2 wooden planks and 1 stick to get crafted.
Wooden Planks: To get the wooden planks, follow the instructions given below:
  1. Spawn a tree by using the saplings and bonemeal or find a tree { any tree can be used – oak, spruce, jungle, acacia, birch, and dark oak.}
  2. Go close to the tree and move the pointer on the tree. { Java Edition, Windows, Education Edition (PC/Mac), left snap and hang on the tree | Pocket Edition (PE), you tap and hang on the tree. | Xbox 360 and Xbox One, press and hold the RT button on the Xbox controller. | PS3 and PS4, press and hold the R2 button on the PS controller. | Wii U, press and hold the ZR button on the gamepad. | Nintendo Switch, press and hold the ZR button on the controller. } To break the tree.
  3. When you will break the tree, then you will get wood planks of that tree.
  4. At last, Open your inventory crafting table { Pc: Press E } and place the wood logs in any cell.
  5. Collect the wood planks or move them to your inventory.
minecraft wood planks recipe
Sticks: To get the sticks, follow the instructions given below:
  1. Open your crafting table or inventory crafting table.
  2. Place the wooden planks as the shown in below image.
  3. Collect the sticks or move them to your inventory.
minecraft sticks recipe
Tip: For PC, Press E to close the crafting table or inventory crafting table.

Making A Crafting Table:

The second step is to create a crafting table. It is required to make the sword because the sword cannot be crafted in the inventory crafting table. If you already know how to make a crafting table, then kindly skip it.
crafting table recipe
  1. Open your inventory crafting table { Pc: Press E }
  2. Collect some wood planks by placing wood logs in it
  3. Place the planks in all the cell of the inventory crafting table
  4. Collect the crafting table and place it somewhere

Make The Sword

Now, you are ready to make the sword.
Here’s how to craft a wooden sword:
  1. Open your crafting table to start
  2. Place wooden plank in any cell of the first column in the crafting table
  3. Add one more plank below the first plank in the 3*3 Grid
  4. Place a stick below the second plank in the third column
  5. Collect your own sword
minecraft wooden sword recipe
At last, you have your own sword.

How To Repair Swords In Minecraft?

A sword can also be repaired, every sword can be repaired. There are mainly two ways through which you can do it but I will just tell you about the easiest way.
For Example: If you have two swords of the same substance and you want to repair it then how will you do it.
Lets See,
To repair two swords and turn them into one powerful sword, you have to follow the following steps:
  1. Open your crafting table
  2. Place both of them in two different cell
  3. In the output cell, you will see a sword which is the result of those two wooden swords.
  4. Collect the sword by just moving it to your inventory
I think it is a lot for today and now you should make your own sword.
In the end, let’s see what we learned today.
In this article, we learned to make wood planks, sticks, crafting tables, and then to make a wooden sword. We discussed some of the ways by which you can fix you sword your swords also.
Hope you like today’s article. Be sure to comment and ask your questions.

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