How To Make a Stonecutter In Minecraft: Quick Crafting Recipe

Are you a builder like me in Monecraft?
If yes, then you need to make a stonecutter to build what you want.

A stonecutter is a block in Minecraft which allows you to extract different variations and designs from a single block. You can make slabs, fences, stairs, etc by using it.
This same work can be done with crafting but a stonecutter is more helpful because it can cut the blocks in bulk and in less time.
So I think you are now ready to start making the stonecutter.
A stonecutter in Minecraft is crafted by placing iron ingot in the middle cell of the middle column and stones in the last column in the crafting table.
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How To Make Stone Cutter In Minecraft 

Let’s start!
The first segment is about crafting a stonecutter in Minecraft. The crafting recipe is same for all Minecraft versions.
Note: MCPE, Xbox, PS, Nintendo, Etc. are considered bedrock edition.
If you have different versions of Minecraft then you can check your version or device by using the given table. So, that you can know if you can really craft a stone cutter in your current device.
  • Java Edition (PC/Mac) ~ Yes (1.14)
  • Pocket Edition (PE) ~ Yes
  • Xbox 360 ~ No
  • Xbox One ~ Yes (1.2)
  • PS3 ~ No
  • PS4 ~ Yes (1.91)
  • Wii U ~ No
  • Nintendo Switch ~ Yes (1.5.0)
  • Windows 10 Edition ~ Yes
  • Education Edition ~ Yes
If you have checked your device and if it can craft a stone cutter then you can proceed towards its recipe. But, if your platform does not have a stonecutter recipe then you should move to the stonecutter alternatives that I have covered near the end of this article.
Things you need to make a stonecutter:
  • 3x Stone
  • 1x Iron Ingot

How To Get The Stones?

The first thing that you need to make the stonecutter is stone. Stone is a common resource and it can be collected easily by using these two ways.
#1 Stone From Cobblestone:
how to make stone in minecraft
  1. Mine some cobblestone inside the ground by using any pickaxe
  2. Make a crafting table by placing 4 wooden planks in a 2*2 grid of inventory crafting table
  3. Open the crafting table { 3*3 grid }, and place cobblestone in all cells except the middle cell. In this way, you will have a furnace
  4. Place the furnace somewhere and open it by using the pointer
  5. Place cobblestone in the first input cell and fuel {coal & charcoal} in the second cell
  6. After some time the stone will be prepared
#2 Stone by fortune:
This is only for someone who has a fortune pickaxe { Fortune 1, Fortune 2, Fortune 3 }. Using this method, you have to mine stone inside the ground by using a fortune pickaxe.
If you mine the stone with a fortune pickaxe then you will get stone but mining stone with a normal pickaxe will result in cobblestone. 

How To Get Iron Ingots?

After getting stone, you need iron ingots to make the cutter.
Iron is a rare resource that is found if you mine inside the ground or as a treasure.
Caves and treasure chests are the best places to look for iron.
If you get iron ingots as treasure then you can use that to make the cutter, but if you mine the iron ore then you have to do some more basic steps:
minecraft iron ingots
  1. Open the furnace 
  2. Place iron ore in the first input cell, and then fuel in the second input cell
  3. Wait for some time and collect the ingots
Now, if you have all the items then you are good to go:
You can make a stone cutter by following these steps:
minecraft stonecutter recipe
  1. Open your crafting table because you can only craft a stonecutter in 3*3 grid
  2. Place 3 stone blocks in the middle column of the 3*3 grid
  3. Place 1 iron ingot in the middle cell of the top column as shown in image
  4. Collect the cutter and enjoy doing builds
You have successfully crafted a stone cutter for yourself, Congrats.
Want to learn how it works and what are its benefits?

How to use a stonecutter in Minecraft

As we know, the stonecutter helps you make designed blocks. But, what are the blocks that can be used and what are those designs.
What can you put in a stonecutter in Minecraft?
The things that you can put in the stonecutter are:
  • Stone { Stone Slab, Stone Stairs, Stone Bricks, Stone Brick Slab, Stone Brick Stairs, Stone Brick Wall or Chiseled Stone Bricks }
  • Smooth Stone { Smooth Stone Slab }
  • Stone Bricks { Stone Brick Slab, Stone Brick Stairs, Stone Brick Wall, Chiseled Stone Bricks }
  • Mossy Stone Bricks { Mossy Stone Brick Slab, Mossy Stone Brick Stairs, Mossy Stone Brick Wall }
  • Granite { Granite Slab, Granite Stairs, Granite Wall, Polished Granite, Polished Granite Slab, Polished Granite Stairs }
  • Prismarine { Prismarine Slab, Prismarine Stairs, Prismarine Wall }
  • Block Of Quartz { Quartz Slab, Quartz Stairs, Chiseled Quartz Block, Quartz Pillar }
And a lot more, find the complete list here.
Now, it’s time to know how you use stonecutter and can extract designs from a block.
how to use stonecutter in minecraft
  1. Place the stonecutter somewhere by using the pointer
  2. Open the stonecutter, place the block the in the input cell that you want to cut
  3. Select the design that is appropriate for you and your build

Stonecutter Alternatives in Minecraft

If you don’t want to use a stonecutter, or if your current platform doesn’t support it, then you can use this method to make designed blocks. First,
  • Make a crafting table, for that you can place 4 planks in all cells of the inventory crafting table
  • Get some blocks { Stone, Cobblestone, Prismarine, Etc }
To make the slabs of your desired block:
minecraft slab recipe
  1. Open crafting table 
  2. Place 3 blocks of the thing of which you want the slabs in any column horizontally
  3. Collect the slabs by moving it your inventory
To make the stairs of your desired block:
minecraft wall recipe
  1. Open crafting table 
  2. Place 6 blocks of the thing of which you want the stairs as shown in the image above
  3. Collect the block by moving it your inventory
To make the wall of your desired block:
minecraft stairs recipe
  1. Open crafting table 
  2. Place 6 blocks of the thing of which you want as shown in the image above
  3. Collect the block by moving it your inventory
By using these tips and tricks, you can craft different blocks in the crafting table also.
Let’s recap what we learned today.
In this article, we have discussed how to make a stonecutter in Minecraft. I have also discussed how you can use the stonecutter and what’re the alternatives for  a stonecutter.
Hope you liked the article! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

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