How To Make a Wooden Sword In Minecraft

Every single player in Minecraft starts his/her Minecraft journey with a wooden sword. It is the very first sword that came in Minecraft. It’s not that effective and even don’t have good durability and attack damage. But as a starter, you should craft it. Swords are one of the most…

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5 Minecraft Village Seeds For Bedrock: 1.16 Updated

I love playing Minecraft and I think you too But sometimes due to an unexciting seed or world, we just leave our interest and because of that reason, I have come with wonderful article in which we will discuss 5 best Minecraft bedrock seeds. The good thing about these Minecraft…

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How To Make a Boat In Minecraft

Minecraft is an awesome game and it is an awesome game because of the mysterious and illogical stuff inside of it. There are limitless possibilities of things that can take place. The game is full of adventures and explores work but if you think that it only has mysterious on…

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